Why Visiting Durango Makes Me Happy

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During the holidays, everyone is so caught up with buying gifts and making food, but I often wonder how many people are thinking about spending quality family time. My husband and I give our employees off the day after Thanksgiving because I feel that this is time spent with family.

I used to work for multiple companies where I’d go in on the Friday after Thanksgiving and do almost nothing because our customers were out shopping for Black Friday. The time for ourselves and our loved ones is all too often limited by work and obligations throughout the year. Therefore, I wanted to share with you why visiting Durango makes me happy.

Why Visiting Durango Makes Me Happy

Fun Train Rides in the Fall and Winter Months

Durango, Colorado is three to four hours away from where I live. It is an easy drive with not much expense for gas or lodging. We’ve spent two to three nights for a quick break and get away. In October The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad has a train ride called The Great Pumpkin Patch Express.

The characters from the Peanuts cartoon are there to greet you while you enjoy events like face painting, crafts, horseshoes, pumpkin decorating and more. I took my two girls when they were small, and they had a wonderful time, since they love the Peanuts holiday movies. Oh, and don’t forget to wear your costume!

Visit Durango, Colorado Train

From November to December multiple people visit Durango for the train ride called The Polar Express. As you can guess they base the train ride on the movie and book The Polar Express.

We’ve been multiple times, and it is always a hit regardless of how old my children get. It’s a train ride with singing, hot chocolate, and Santa. At the end of the ride children and family can take photos with Santa. On this trip, my girls like to wear their pajamas and robes.

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Not Just Train Rides

Our family likes visiting Durango, Colorado because it is a nice quaint place that is family oriented.  Fresh mountain air and snow are just two of the things I look forward to. We have visited Durango, Colorado in the summer, fall, and winter. 

Some of our favorites to see while visiting Durango are the Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Museum, Animas City Park, Durango Joe’s Coffee, and Fired Up Pizzeria. The horse carriage rides are worth doing at least once, but we like to walk around the main street and browse through their local shops.    

Visit Durango, Colorado Main Street

Hotels and Suites

For an affordable visit, I recommend The Comfort Inn & Suites. There is a free breakfast buffet and if you plan your trip months in advance, you can get the rates under $100. I also recommend the DoubleTree by Hilton.  DoubleTree does not offer free meals, but you are right up against the Animas River and it is a beautiful view. Their breakfast is tasty too. Both locations take pets, my Shih Tzu travels with us. 

Visit Durango, Colorado Fired Up Pizzeria

If taking a trip to Durango is doable for you I’d definitely suggest it. If it is too far or not in your budget, I encourage looking for local places to visit where you can engage and spend time with your family. Being that we are individuals of technology it would be easier to put away our phones and laptops if we are engrossed in activities.

It doesn’t matter how old our children get they deserve the attention just as much as our jobs, our lifestyles, and ourselves. And if you are planning a trip or time for you then that is great too! We all need to unplug and unwind.

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