Why I Began My Blogging Journey

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After all this time I realized that I haven’t discussed with you why I began my blogging journey.  For those of you that have read my story page it is a very short synopsis of my life.  I am not in my 20s or 30s; I am a middle-aged woman who has been working for over 26 years.  This is a quick look at previous years of my life and what brought me to starting my blog and bookkeeping services. 

Why I Began My Blogging Journey

My Family

Marrying my husband in 1994 allowed me to live in four different states due to the military.  In my early 20s Virginia felt like home.  I think I felt more attached to Virginia because I had a job I enjoyed, and I had made many friends there.  The ocean was calming and there were endless sights within hours of where I lived. 

In 1999 I moved back home while my husband completed his last year as an active duty service member.  In 2002 my first daughter was born and in 2004 my second daughter was born.  Everything changed for me and my family when my second daughter was born.  She always cried, and I couldn’t seem to console her.  As a mother it is a horrible feeling not being able to console a child.  At eighteen months she received early intervention care and at three they diagnosed her with Autism.

Life Got Easier

Skipping ahead through the years of sleepless nights, work, picture schedules, constant climbing, fascination with water, and no speech from my daughter until she was almost six.  There was a sudden breakthrough from her where everything seemed to click.  Having an older sibling seemed to help her enjoy activities and interactions.  Life was difficult, but at this point in time we were feeling relief. 

Anyone who deals with a loved one who has a disability or needs special care knows it takes a toll on a marriage and a family.  It was hard finding  jobs that would accommodate my very much needed schedule.  My husband and I worked opposite hours for a while, but things got easier, and we began a new groove again.  However, when my daughter’s speech became conventional, I realized she could learn what others her age were learning.  My daughter just needed more time on specific subjects.

When my oldest daughter was in third grade and my youngest daughter was in first grade, I took them out of a public school to homeschool.  It was a much-needed time for both of my daughters.  My days were filled with homeschooling assignments and my afternoons were filled with work on a new website for the first business that my husband and I created together.  Staying home proved to be more than we could all handle and two years later my girls were ready to go back to a smaller school and I went back to work for other employers. 

A Diagnosis of Scoliosis 

When my oldest daughter turned 11, they diagnosed her with scoliosis.  We went through four years of back braces.  Six years after they diagnosed her, she had a spinal fusion surgery.  In 2017, the same year my older daughter had surgery they diagnosed my youngest daughter with scoliosis.  Staying home with my children during her recovery from surgery made me realize that there had to be more for my family.  I wanted to feel like there was something I could do to turn our lives around somehow.  Living paycheck to paycheck, a job to job, just to accommodate doctor’s appointments and schedules made me crave a sane outlet. 

Jumping Into Blogging

I sat down in December 2017 and started to Google how to work from home.  Feeling desperate, lost, and unfulfilled, I read many sites and information.  It wasn’t until I came upon Making Sense of Cents and then Oh, She Blogs! That I thought I can do this!  I jumped right in without the full knowledge of growing an online presence, social media or anything else that bloggers do.  I just did it, hoping that this would be what I needed. 

Since Starting My Blog

Since December 2017 I have worked on my bookkeeping strategy, building social media, writing content, joining affiliate programs like Tailwind and SiteGround, and having surgery.  Yes, I had a surgery recently and it was long overdue.  I’m still pushing forward with my new life venture and my children are wonderfully healthy.  Writing has become the creative outlet I needed while still using my expertise in bookkeeping and accounting to provide services to businesses. 

When my children were younger, and I was in my early 30s I received my associate degree in accounting.  I went back to school in late 2016 to finish my bachelor’s degree in accounting.  I have three more months of school left.  YAY!  My employment history comprises administrative, finance, business, and the last eight years in bookkeeping and accounting.  My husband continues to be the main contact for our original business while I do the bookkeeping and back end work.  He is also a United States Navy reservist.  

As I push forward in my second business, I have to admit, it is difficult for me to stay on one niche.  My bread and butter is my background and education in accounting.  However, working with my daughter and young children has given me wonderful learning experiences for various children and families.  You can see why these subjects are near and dear to my heart.  I know the struggles and complexity of my life.  These specific experiences have been an encouragement for me to help others navigate their way through life.

Why I Began My Blogging Journey
My Girls in California!

Final Thoughts

My bookkeeping services are my focus because that is my profession.  But my blog has been a way for me to share discounts, affordable clothing, traveling, and ideas for learning.  My family and I have been through years of learning and assisting others.  I am thankful for my girls and my husband. 

If my story feels familiar to you and you have been on the verge of starting a blog, then let me help you get started.  My post How to Start a WordPress Blog Using SiteGround walks you through the process.  

Thank you for reading my blog and joining me during this time in my life!


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