What Does Work-Life Balance Mean to You? Make Meaningful Changes to Your Life

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Work-life balance is an amusing subject for many people. My parents came from a generation of staying at their jobs because of retirement and stability purposes. Most baby boomers had only one spouse go to work while the other stayed home. 

I did not have many frivolities growing up, but neither did my mother. Work-life balance or extras were not a subject growing up. 

I grew up feeling the need to work and pay my way, so it was no surprise that I began working in high school like many others during my generation. 

As I had children, I struggled to balance being a working mother and a wife.

Therefore, the question is, how do we balance all of it and stay sane? 

What does work-life balance mean to you? Spending more time with family or taking the time to care for yourself can be accomplished.

What We Feel We Miss Out On

I started my first job at the age of sixteen. It didn’t phase me to work multiple jobs and odd jobs while my children were growing up.  

I did not realize how many school trips I missed, how many outings with my husband I missed, and how much I lost of myself

It’s not just mothers who feel this, but speaking from my personal experience, I began feeling the guilt creep up that so many others have felt.

I look back now and think Wow! I never had the chance to go on those trips to the zoo or be in the classroom when the class sang Happy Birthday because I was constantly working.

So again, there is the sting of guilt and some sadness for what I lost during those years.  

There are lots of references online for individuals looking for a work-life balance. 

People are looking for jobs working from home and jobs where you can work less than 40+ hours a week. 

Heck, I even have articles on my blog for those individuals looking for a change or a side hustle.  

But the truth is, you will work just as hard when you work from home.  

A job that allows you to work from home means you are at their disposal. 

Starting your own business means you will work hard to get your business up and running with a steady income. 

When you work for yourself, you cannot be mad at anyone but yourself when there is no income. You cannot rely on someone else to pay you when you work for yourself. 

Seeing Other Success Stories – Doesn’t Mean It Was Always Easy

I have learned an enormous amount from other bloggers and their journeys on how they got to where they are today. 

The beginning stages of blogging can be tough and full of hard work. 

Some bloggers discuss how they worked multiple jobs to get out of debt, worked a day job and blogged at night, or fell into blogging and fought their way to success. 

It wasn’t until all that hard work paid off that they saw a work-life balance for themselves. 

I still work at least 30 to 40 hours/week growing my blog and onboarding bookkeeping clients. 

No One Situation Fits Everyone! 

Take a moment and review your situation, review your activities, habits, and budgets. 

Determine if there are areas that you can adjust to give yourself a better work-life balance. 

  • Do your expenses outweigh your income?
  • Do you spend too much time commuting?
  • Are you able to enjoy time with your family?

By reviewing your situation, you can plan to restructure your habits.

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Managing Time

Depending upon your type of employment, you may not have many options for adjusting your work schedule.

If this is the case, you can still manage your time outside of work.

Managing time seems so simple, except we cease to realize how much wasted time we spend on things that we get caught up with.

For instance, if you want to have more time for yourself, others, or for additional jobs, use a planner, set up tasks, or establish blocked time throughout your day to achieve your goals.

My husband and I block out time for each other. We do not have a standing date night, but if one of us feels we have not spent enough time together, we will let the other know.

If you need help in your business then maybe it’s time to hire additional help, pay for accounting software, setup your own Shopify website to automate sales, or learn SEO to bring attention to your website by taking the Stupid Simple SEO course.

There are lots of ways you can reduce the amount of work and stress in your life.

Taking Care of Yourself

I struggle with taking care of myself. 

I have learned taking care of yourself does not mean you need to spend enormous amounts of money shopping or going to spas. 

Taking care of yourself can be as simple as visiting with a friend, buying yourself a cup of coffee, getting a haircut, or eating a dinner you enjoy. 

Taking a break from the norm helps give us the mental break we all need. 

Side note: I am a fan of Mocha coffee, which has become one of my guilty pleasures. 

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Restructuring Habits

Restructuring or changing old habits is a difficult task for many people.

However, there are many ways to restructure habits.

Some examples are:

  • Turning off the TV
  • Cutting expenses
  • Stepping away from the computer
  • Setting a timer to get up and exercise
  • Read a Book

We cannot always immediately change our job or who we work with, but we can set boundaries. 

For instance, let your boss know you will have dinner at a specific time with your family or ask for one day a week when you are call-free from work. 

Another way to achieve a work-life balance is by changing your daily routine.

Perhaps go for an evening walk with your children, hug your spouse three times a day, or play with your dog. 

What are you missing in your life that you can find extra time for?

Take Time Away from Technology

Technology has allowed us to be connected 24-7. When we give ourselves over to our phones, computers, and social media, we take away from what is happening in front of us.

We miss out on conversations, comical faces from our children, the loving looks of our spouses, and the overlooked attention of our animals.

If you work hard, have a phone, and like to watch videos from any social media outlet, then you understand what I mean by this. Unfortunately, we are all at fault for doing this.

How many of you reading this get up in the morning and check your phone before doing anything else? I will bet the answer is more than half of my readers.

Could you spend that time saying good morning to your family, exercising, or waking up and making a healthy breakfast?

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Don’t Expect Change Overnight

Remember that work-life balance does not come easy to everyone. Not everyone has the ideal job or an effortless lifestyle. Many of us work hard to achieve the balance we have. 

Change will come to you if you want it bad enough. Like everything else, you need to work hard to make accomplishments happen

However, you need not change everything in your life at once. Implement one or two changes at a time so that you will be willing to adapt and overcome those first obstacles. 

I have learned that trying to change too many things at one time tends to set us up for failure. 

It is like saying you are cutting out all the sugar in your life cold turkey. If you rarely eat sugar, then yes, maybe this is easy for you. 

However, if you normally eat pies, cakes, breads, lattes, and other wonderful-tasting food, cutting them out cold turkey could set you up for failure.

Start small by making one to two changes in your life and continue from there. 

In conclusion, while making adjustments and changes to your habits, think of little encouragements along your journey that will remind you that these steps are getting you to a happier and healthier work-life balance.

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  1. I really love these tips. Working at home is definitely not easy. I was doing it for a year before the pandemic hit. I actually do miss going into the office sometimes. Finding the right balance can be hard.

  2. Great Post. Work life balance is very important to me but has been tricky with the lockdown. I like the idea of blocking out time to achieve your goals. I have to get better at doing that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have been having a strenuous work routine like you have described in the first paragraph and I do not have any kids yet. Just today I was feeling like I am losing myself in all of it. I feel more hopeful after reading this. Thank you very much for this incredible piece.

    1. When we are in the thick of everything going on in our lives I don’t think we even realize what is happening. Time, patience, and the willingness to make a change are key factors. I’m glad you got something out of my personal experiences.

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