The Best Summer Jobs for Students

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Summer is here – Yay!  It is time for you to put away some of that extra studying you do all year and think about hanging out and enjoying some down time with family and friends.  I don’t know about you, but I enjoy summer afternoon walks when the sun begins to go down.  The summer days motivate me too!

Yes, the summer does go by real fast so get out there and find a summer job now!  Whether you are a high school student or a college student you will find the best summer job that is right for you. 

The Best Summer Jobs for Students.  Consider pay and location while looking for a job.  Summer jobs for students look good on a resume.

What are the Highest Paying Summer Jobs?

Pay for summer jobs can vary based on your state of residence, age, employer, previous work experience and schooling.  If you have previous work experience, then look for jobs in the industry you have experience in.  Having previous experience can possibly give you a bump in starting pay. 

A college degree or school credits assist in finding specific job positions.  For instance, if the college courses you have taken give you credit for working with children, then apply for preschools or summer programs working with children. 

Location – Location – Location

You are looking for The Best Summer Jobs for Students because you are either taking a small break from school or still in school. This means you do not have lots of time in your school schedule.  Therefore, find work in your local area or somewhere convenient for you.  Make the commute easy and affordable for yourself. 

Why Summer Jobs are Helpful to College Students

First, summer jobs give students extra spending money.  Second, it gives you a chance to learn social skills and real work skills.  Third, having a part-time or full-time job while you are in school looks good on a resume.  It shows you have work experience. 

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Now that we have summed up the pay, location, and why, let’s talk about The Best Summer Jobs for Students.

Administrative Assistant

Gain experience in the industry you love by becoming an administrative assistant.  An administrative assistant takes charge and assertiveness in their position.  A college student with good multi-taking skills, computer skills, and customer service etiquette will do well in this job. 

Some tasks completed by an administrative assistant are:

Answer Phone Calls

Take Messages

Schedule Appointments

Email, Fax, and Scan Correspondence


Write Business Letters

Prepare Documents

Caregiver or Nanny

Babysitters and nannies are a much-needed job during the summer months.  Working parents need someone to watch their children while school is out.  Concerts, shows, and outdoor activities entice adults and encourage the need of a babysitter or nanny. 

Do you have a loving nature?  Ever thought about caring for seniors in your area?  Family members look for help to care for loved ones while running errands or working. 

Visit and Snagajob to look for caregiver or nanny jobs.

Delivery Food Driver

Everyone is having something delivered to their door these days. Thinking about delivering food in your free time, visit DoorDashUber Eats, or Grubhub for jobs in your area.

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Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Dogs are another member of the family.  Summer months bring longer days of heat; therefore, dogs need to be kept in cooler areas.  Someone needs to look after pets and walk them when the owners are on vacation or working. 

Go to RoverWag, and to find jobs.

Summer Intern

Get some experience in your field of study by becoming an intern.  Go to specific company websites or call local companies in your field of study for intern opportunities.  Intern positions vary based on the company. 

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Additional Summer Jobs for Students




Convenience Store Worker

Customer Service


Fast Food Worker

Host or Hostess

House Sitter



Movie Theatre Usher

Personal Assistant

Pool Cashier


Retail Sales


Waiter or Waitress


There are plenty of summer jobs! Don’t get discouraged or feel like you won’t be able to find anyone looking for help. You just need to look in the right places.

Have a Great Summer and Good Luck!

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