The Best Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs

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A couple of bits of information about myself… first, I’m a complete advocate for women in business. Second, I am all about women achieving multiple goals in life. So, with that said I know women are not limited to specific jobs.

My goal in this post is to give some ideas to those women ready to take the next step in starting a small business.

According to the United States Census Bureau women-owned firms made up to 1.1 million in 2018. The Annual Business Survey indicates that Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services were the fields highly concentrated in 2018 by women.

The Best Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs can range from blogging, bookkeeping, and copywriting to daycare and virtual assistance.

Small business options are endless, and women begin businesses every day. Small businesses by women can range from blogging, bookkeeping, and copywriting to daycare and virtual assistance.

Businesses are started every day for many reasons. Maybe you have another job and are looking at ways to earn extra income or your hobby is growing into a small business of its own.

Regardless of your reason for beginning a new venture don’t forget to do your due diligence and think your business plan through. Go to my write up on 9 Steps to Make Before Starting a Small Business to begin your new journey as an entrepreneur. 

Before we go any further… I wanted to share my Bookkeeping Printable with you. As an entrepreneur you will need to organize your bookkeeping calendar and my printable makes it easy!

Some Businesses Take Longer to Earn an Income

Some small businesses take more effort and time to get started than others. For instance, if you choose the Bookkeeping industry you may need to take time to learn programs like QuickBooks Online, get experience in bookkeeping, and begin a marketing strategy.

If you’re interested in How to Start a Bookkeeping Business with Confidence read my post here.

For those of you interested in bookkeeping, I’d suggest looking into bookkeeping programs like

Another business idea for women which takes time is blogging. There are multiple steps that go into blogging like narrowing a niche, starting a website, writing, and finding ways to make money while blogging.

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Some Businesses are Quicker to Start

Unlike some businesses that take a longer time to grow a steady income, there are some businesses that may take little time to start and grow.

Some business ideas for women that need little startup costs and/or time to grow are:


Dog Walking

Freelance Writing


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Business Ideas for Women

Although there are many ideas for new businesses below are some of the most popular:

Affiliate Marketer


Business Coach

Business Consultant



E-Commerce Seller

Event Planning

Health Instructor

Home Cleaning Service

Interior Designer

Music Teacher

Personal Assistant


Selling Handmade Items

Social Media Management

Virtual Assistant Website Design


Many of you may know that I have started two businesses, one with my husband more than 12 years ago and Navigate with Price in 2018. It had taken me a long time to narrow my niche to a specific area of expertise.

When I first started blogging I wanted to share all I knew with anyone who would listen. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize I needed to look at blogging as a business so I could make an income too.

It is important to make a profit in your new business but, most of all you need to be passionate about your business so it will grow.

I’m not going to lie and say my road of growing a business has been easy or always fun so here are some ways to stay motivated while you build your business.

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