How Tailwind Helped My New Blog

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Tailwind helped my new blog, Navigate with Price.  I began my blog in December 2017 by purchasing a host using SiteGround, purchasing a domain using, and incorporating WordPress. 

Since that time, I have tried to focus in on what interests my readers and what I can share that may be useful to others.  My everyday work is bookkeeping and accounting, but I enjoy sharing information and writing. 

Frankly, having a blog breaks up the monotony of bookkeeping and gives me a creative outlet.

Tailwind helped my new blog within a few short months. My Pinterest account went from zero monthly viewers to 6.7k monthly viewers.

Free Trial

In January I started reading about Tailwind.  Some of my favorite bloggers talked about the marketing toolkit in their posts, and soon I decided to try it for myself. 

I went with Tailwind’s free trial first . In March I started taking advantage of their full capabilities with the Tailwind Plus Monthly Plan.  Understand that I don’t have Facebook and my Instagram game is very minimal so my go to social media to get started is Pinterest.

You can start with a Free Trial of Tailwind.  You don’t even have to use a credit card.  Having a full month of Tailwind without having to pay for it starts you on your way to building a solid Pinterest account and the free month is enough time to start learning how to use it to your advantage.

Tailwind Free Trial

Using Tailwind 

I started out by adding a new Pinterest business account for Navigate with Price.  I then started adding boards and pins.  It wasn’t until I began paying for Tailwind that I began joining and using Tribes. 

Tribes are groups that you can join to share pins.  I learned Tailwind uses the Pinterest’s algorithm to post my scheduled pins at the right time for other users to engage and see them. 

Tailwind helped me to discover that it is not the number of followers you have, but the viewers and the engaged users that matter. I have gone from 0 monthly viewers to 6.7k monthly viewers on my Pinterest account in approximately three months. 

Remember that I did not start paying for an actual subscription of Tailwind and I did not use all of its features until a month ago.  I am still working on my content, and my blog, but boy am I glad to know that I am not the only one seeing it.

After you enroll with Tailwind, you will start setting up scheduled pins so that the marketing toolkit works for you.  I have the extension setup on my chrome browser so I can schedule pins while I’m on my laptop working.

You will see a blue icon that indicates you can save what you see for a scheduled pin later.  The Tailwind schedule button is like the save button you see when you save items directly to your Pinterest account. 

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Scheduled Pins

The publisher tab will show all your scheduled pins.  And the beautiful thing about scheduling pins is you don’t have to continue to post to Pinterest every day. 

I save pins when I come across something I’d like to share.  If I’ve run low on pins or if I’ve received an email saying that my queue is empty, I’ll sit down for approximately an hour once or twice a week and save pins. 

I’m not going to lie you don’t want your queue to run empty, but it has happened to me a few times and before I know it I’m reminded.  The email notifications are a plus for people like me.

Tailwind Publisher

Personal Results

Remember to use your analytics in Pinterest, Tailwind, Google and anywhere else you can.  The analytics have helped me to view what’s working, what’s not, and everything in between. 

Spend some time using the Free Trial and be sure to utilize the tutorials.  Tailwind walks you through items that may need to be set up or adjusted to your Pinterest account.

Tailwind helped my new blog.  I have provided my results as of today.

Pinterest Home

Tailwind Works for Blogs

Beginning a blog has been time-consuming with all the research, information, and recommendations, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Visit my Recommendations Page to help you get started.

I’ve enjoyed sharing, learning, and creating my blog, but it never would have happened without stepping outside my comfort zone. If you are starting a blog and want to get your Pinterest account off the ground, I’d recommend Tailwind. 

Nothing can guarantee money or viral pins and posts, but Tailwind helped me, and it will get you headed in a right direction.


  1. Yes, Tailwind is an awesome resource, pretty good post, I’m going to pin it for later

    1. Thank you for sharing!

  2. such a great and informative read. great job, i am going to loo into this myself. thanks for sharing

    1. Tailwind has been a tremendous help to me and my blog. Thanks for reading!

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