How to Stay Motivated While You Build Your Business

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I’d be one of the first to say that I’ve felt the aches of a new business.

I’ve been down on myself because working every day can be exhausting while seeing little movement in my business.  

Starting two separate businesses has taught me that I must stay motivated to build a business. 

Just remember that all of your hard work will pay off. Staying motivated is a constant battle for anyone working alone or who works from home.

It is difficult to stay motivated while you build your business. Remember the reasons you began your business!

How I Relate

Like other small business owners, I work independently in my bookkeeping and blogging business, so I do not get social interactions with other adults who have similar interests.  

I use social media to stay connected to others in my field. However, most small business owners know the difficulty of making additional time for social media posts and shares.  

Most family and friends do not understand what a small business owner goes through trying to build a business.

Do you ever feel like others do not understand you and your business? 

Entrepreneurs and small business owners need to remember not to lose their confidence, knowledge, and motivation while building a business.  

The first year I started my blog, I had no niche or understanding of where my blog was heading as a business. I started my blog prematurely with the excitement of doing something creative; however, I had no direction. 

Remember Your Motivation

My motivation became clear to me when I realized I could help others with my knowledge and expertise in bookkeeping and accounting.

I sat down and realized others had often asked me questions about starting a new business and staying compliant with state and income taxes. 

Therefore, I knew that using my bookkeeping skills was the right direction for my business. 

I wanted to help others like myself grow their business and stay motivated while building them. 

Make a list of things that keep you motivated in your business journey. Create a vision board with pictures and words to remind yourself why you keep on working to build your business.

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Renewed Energy

Other than what motivates you, continue to think about that energy you felt when you started your business. 

We all feel renewed energy when we get excited about something.  

Although the renewed energy fizzles, it is there during your initial jump into your new venture. So remembering that feeling you had at the beginning of your new business is crucial to staying motivated.  

Find ways to enjoy your business to stay working towards your long-term goals. 

Maybe there is a new idea you are implementing into your business, so get amped up about it!


Brainstorming is necessary to move a business forward. 

For instance, I have given my site a new theme, incorporated new freebies, and added new photos so my website feels like a place someone looking for bookkeeping and accounting would feel comfortable. 

I sometimes become unmotivated and feel like my efforts have been for nothing, so I find new ways to grow my business.  

My site is a gateway for my clients, and I want my website to be at its best.  

When you are unmotivated in your business, write down ideas to sell, advertise, or create new products and services. Work on your list as you have time and determine what works for your business.

Continue to use the ideas that work for your business so you can continue to grow.

Keep Learning

I am constantly learning new software programs, upgrades to QuickBooks, and plugins.

Since starting my website for Navigate with Price, I have learned WordPress using SiteGroundConvertKit, SEO writing, and much more.  

The idea is to stay motivated and not feel useless while in limbo. 

If things have slowed down or seem stagnant, learn something useful for your business.

I am a big advocate of continued learning!

Take time out for yourself and your business to stay motivated. Taking time out to clear your head allows for new thoughts and ideas in taking steps forward. 

When we step back from everyday routines in our business, we can see which processes are not working.  

As small business owners, we need to stay motivated, so our efforts are not in vain.  

When you begin your business, you have clear intentions; therefore, focus on the overall business goal. 

Staying motivated keeps your business alive!

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Good luck to you, and stay motivated!

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