How to Stay Motivated While You Build Your Business

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I’d be one of the first to say that I’ve felt the aches of a business that hasn’t seen growth.  I’ve been down on myself and everyone and everything around me because sometimes I feel working every single day doesn’t make my efforts move my business forward.  

Starting two separate businesses has taught me I am only human, and I need to stay motivated.  Regardless, of the fact that I know my attempts will amount to something I still need motivation just like everyone else.   To stay motivated is a constant battle for anyone working alone or working from home.  

It is difficult to stay motivated while you build your business. Remember the reasons you began your business!

I Relate

Like other small business owners, I work independently in my bookkeeping and blogging business, so I do not get social interactions with other adults who have similar interests.  

I use social media to stay connected to ideas in my field, but I rarely have much time for it.  My two teenage daughters are around, but I can’t speak to them about my angst or frustrations because when I vent my frustrations, I feel like I’m putting it on them.  Ever feel this way?  

I also don’t have a family that understand the amount of work I do daily for the little bit of achievement I feel.  Does this sound familiar to you?

The point of all this is to empathize and show you-you are not alone.  It can take a small business many years to become known in its industry.  

Confidence, knowledge, and the ability to stay motivated is the only thing that entrepreneurs and small business owners have going for them.  

The first year I started my blog I was all over the place.  I started my blog prematurely with the excitement of doing something creative; however, I had no direction.  

Remember Your Motivation

Writing is an excitement for me, but helping others is truly what I know I’m here for.  Therefore, my motivation became clear when I realized I could help others with my knowledge and expertise in a specific field and certain industries that I have worked with for almost a decade. 

My family is definitely a huge motivation for me, but I counted all the times someone asked me questions about starting a new business, investing, or budgeting.  Therefore, I knew that using my bookkeeping was the direction for my business. I wanted to help others like myself grow their business.  

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Renewed Energy

Besides what motivates you think about that energy you felt when you first got started.  We all feel a renewed energy when we get excited about something.  

Although the renewed energy fizzles, it is there during your initial jump into your new venture.  Remember that feeling you had in the beginning of your new business?  Look deep for that feeling again.  

Maybe there is a new idea you are implementing into your business so get amped up about it!  


Brainstorming can be a huge key to moving a business forward.  For instance, I took this last month to give my site a new theme, incorporated new freebies, and have been slowly working on photos.  

I was becoming unmotivated and feeling like all my efforts had been for nothing so I came up with ideas I could implement.  My site is a gateway for my clients, and I want my site to be at its best.  

Keep Learning

I am constantly learning new software programs, upgrades to QuickBooks, and plugins.  Since starting my website for Navigate with Price, I have learned WordPress using SiteGround, ConvertKit, affiliates, SEO writing and much more.  

The idea is to not feel useless while in limbo.  If things have slowed down or seem stagnant, learn something that can be useful in the long run.  I am a big advocate of continued learning.  

Overall, take time out for yourself and your business to stay motivated.  Taking time out to clear your head allows for new thoughts and ideas in taking steps forward.  

If we don’t stay motivated, then all of our efforts will have been for nothing. When you begin your business, you have clear intentions so remember to focus on those. Staying motivated keeps your business alive.

Looking to start a new business or a blog don’t forget to visit my post How to Start a WordPress Blog Using SiteGround. I accomplished it on the first try and found it fairly easy to get started. WordPress has some great tutorials.

Good luck and stay motivated my friends!  I’m here if you need a push.


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