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All week I’ve been thinking about small business tools for owners like me.  During the last eight years, I have started two businesses.  My Bookkeeping services and blog are new this year, but I have been a bookkeeper since 2010 and felt it was time to venture out on my own.  The automotive business that I started with my husband leaves my husband in the spotlight while I stay in the background doing all of the bookkeeping and accounting, which I’m totally fine with by the way.  However, in my everyday activities of juggling both businesses, there are just some items that I won’t do without.

Small business tools are crucial to the success of a company. Small business tools help an organization to grow and thrive.


QuickBooks Is my #1 accounting software.  I have been using some form of QuickBooks since 2010, and I can’t seem to find anything that compares to it.  Yes, you need to know how the software works for you.  No, it’s not impossible to learn.  I was back in school for the second time completing my associate’s degree in accounting when I decided that my husband and I needed to invest in accounting software for our automotive business.  Barnes and Noble had the 2010 QuickBooks Pro manual so I purchased it.  I was determined to get our company started off right; I taught myself how to use the program.

Paychex Payroll Services: Sign up Today!


When my husband and I hired our first employee, we had the debate on whether or not I would handle the payroll.  I was working another full-time job concurrently, and I was worried over situations like getting sick or the need to go out of town.  Who would manage the payroll while I was out?  So, I decided to hire Paychex as an addition to our small business tools.  I shopped around, and they seemed to be the obvious choice for small businesses like ours.  We have been using Paychex for more than five years now, and I have to say that I enjoy having the additional job lifted from my workload.


I use GoDaddy for both of my businesses.  Personally, I have purchased multiple domain names through their online website.  I have been able to use GoDaddy with SiteGround, Shopify, and HostGator.  Currently I use Shopify for my automotive business and SiteGround for this blog.  GoDaddy reminds me when it’s time to renew, and they are easy to access.  For companies starting an online business or website definitely, need GoDaddy as a small business tool.

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Another terrific small business tool is Grammarly.  Grammarly assists you in automatically checking your documents for grammatical errors.  I use it frequently for my blog posts, school, and any relevant documents that I want to check before handing out.  Grammarly will give you suggestions that you can use when making changes.  Now have my teenage children are using Grammarly for book reports and other assigned homework.

Social Media & Email 

Since writing this post I’ve started using Tailwind.  Earlier this year I wrote a post How Tailwind Helped My New Blog.  As of today Tailwind has helped me to achieve 66.7k monthly viewers.  In April I was only at 6.7k monthly viewers.  You can sign up for a Free Trial which is a huge comfort.  I have been hooked since I started using it.  

Another new tool I’ve been using is ConvertKit.  ConvertKit assists with email automation and forms.  I can keep track of website subscribers for future emails and notifications.  ConvertKit helps me grow my audience.  Another reason why I find ConvertKit an asset is because they integrate with many other sites like Teachable and WordPress.  

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