Set Goals for 2019 – It’s Not Too Late!

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It always blows me away at how time flies during the year.  It feels like I was just thinking about getting clients ready for income tax season and now we are well past that.  I continue to set goals for myself throughout the year; therefore, I wanted to encourage you to do the same.  Did you know that if a person writes their goal, they are more likely to achieve that goal?  Since we are now right smack in the middle of the year, I want to encourage you to work towards achieving a goal for yourself.  I will help you learn how to achieve realistic goals in a shorter amount of time.  

Set goals for 2019 - it's not too late! Learn how to set goals and accomplish them before 2019 is over. We all want to achieve a goal. Don't be discouraged.

Make Sure Your Goals Are Realistic

Are you trying to accomplish an attainable goal?  

Does your goal have a realistic time frame?

Is there a reason for wanting to reach your goal?  

Does the reason for going after the goal make sense to you?

Since you’ve only got six months to work toward a goal remind yourself that you need a goal that you can accomplish.  

Write Your Goals

Since people that write their goals down are more like to achieve them than that is the first step.  If you don’t push yourself or forget your goal, then the goal probably wasn’t very important to begin with.  

Here are some tactics to start you on your way:

  • Use a planner to measure progress
  • Create a vision board
  • Use the Sticky Notes App and place reminders on the home page of your computer
  • Place reminders where you frequent every day like your fridge
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Setting Dates

Since we only have six months left break down steps into days, weeks, or months.  Dependent upon the goal you might need to reach specific targets within a certain amount of time.  Again, be realistic about the goal and time frame.  An example of a goal is starting a new business:

  • July 1 – Complete Business Registration
  • July 8 – Create a Business Plan
  • July 15 – Research and Pick a Platform to Sell Services On
  • July 22 – Research and Pick a Payment System

Create Habits

If your set goals are important to you, become a creature of habit.  Create a routine daily, weekly, or monthly to help you stay on track.  You may work full time and are trying to start a new business, or you might try to fit into those size 6 pants.  Ensure that you don’t get lazy and decide not to go to the gym or decide not to work on that new e-commerce store.  If you have someone to workout with call them.  If you have a family member who is rooting for you, then ask them to call you once a week for a pep talk.  Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help if you have others who you know are there for you. 

Give Yourself Rewards

Reward yourself for each achievement or monthly achievements. Some examples:

  • Reward yourself with that desert you never eat
  • Buy yourself something that will motivate you like a new outfit
  • Go have a cup of coffee with a friend and talk about what you’ve done
  • Post a motivational quote up somewhere that you can see

The rewards you give yourself only you can appreciate. 

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Don’t Be Upset

Unfortunately, there are unforeseen events that happen in life.  If you attempted to accomplish set goals, but you just didn’t make it to the end you can always alter the goal.  

  • You can extend the goal–yes into 2020 (no one has to know)
  • You can feel good about what you did accomplish
  • You may realize that the goal needed more time and attention
  • You can abort the mission and begin a new and revised goal for 2020

Hopefully, none of these will happen, but when we set a goal, it usually means that it is unchartered territory.  This meaning that we don’t always know what we are in for and it could be disastrous.  It’s okay to realize a goal just wasn’t for you.  I started my blog not realizing all that I would give to it and the revisions have been constant.  If you can get a goal to the first stages, then kudos because you achieved more than you thought you would if you would have never set the goal.  

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