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Your Business

Acuity Scheduling is the online scheduling assistant used as to schedule calls with potential clients. Scheduling gives my potential clients a way to make an appointment when we both have time available. They don’t have to call or email me. It is a smarter and faster way to get virtual clients. You can sign up for the free plan and upgrade at any time to the three additional plans.

I have used QuickBooks for more than ten years. I’ve used the desktop version and the online version. They have been an asset to my business. QuickBooks Online integrates with many useful apps, banks, and other platforms. Use my link to receive a 50% discount on specific plans for 3 months.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform.  Shopify has a POS mobile app and an easy to use system. Shopify implements apps and advanced technology like Kit to handle marketing and awareness to customers.  Shopify joined forces with Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.  Buy Now Buttons are accessible to consumers everywhere.

Your Blog

Canva is a free graphic design platform that I have been using for years now. I use it for my blog and my business. You can use Canva to create posters, flyers, and social media images. Canva knows what size you need for each image and you can use an array of colors and fonts. Canva is totally free unless you want to upgrade to receive additional features they offer.

ConvertKit is the company that I use for email automation and subscriptions. ConvertKit offers a 14 day free trial. Their site is easy to use and they have exceptional customer service.

If you want to start your blog off right at an inexpensive price use SiteGround to host your site.  You can use SiteGround for as little as $3.95 a month.  Use my link How to Start a WordPress Blog Using SiteGround for a step-by-step signup process. 

Tailwind is one of the first company’s I used to schedule my Pinterest posts and I love it!  It allows me free time while my Pinterest account continues to grow.  When I first started Tailwind, I posted How Tailwind Helped My New Blog so I could share with everyone how easy it is to use.


Using Paychex is a time saver and it affords me one less worry in my bookkeeping routine. I submit the hours and they do all the work.  I have been using Paychex for over five years.  They take care of the W2’s and 1099’s at the end of the year. Sign up here and receive three months free of payroll processing.