How to Protect Your Online Business Using Legal Templates

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In the winter of 2017, I was searching online for a creative outlet and that is when I found articles on blogging.

One of the biggest concerns I had when starting my blog and online business was keeping my website and business protected legally.

Like many other website and small business owners, I was looking for legal templates online. As I began to revise and grow my blog with a purpose, I became informed on what should be legally available to my readers. This is when I came across Amira’s website A Self Guru.

Amira Irfan is a lawyer who helps entrepreneurs, coaches, bloggers, and other small business owners use legal templates for their websites, contracts, and more.

Find out how to protect your online business using legal templates. Start with the three most important templates for your website.

Why Finding the Right Legal Templates are Important to Me

Starting a new online business is exciting for anyone. I know blogging was a stimulating venture for me because it took me out of my wheelhouse and allowed me to do something I wanted to do, which is help others.

However, when you’re making money from your business or website it is important to keep it legal.

It is definitely difficult to know which legal templates to use on your website or within your business in order to keep yourself protected. Which means if you are not a lawyer like me, it is critical you find someone who is.

I don’t know about you, but I want to know that the legal documents I use will stand up in court. The legal templates from Amira at A Self Guru give me peace of mind.

Purchase Legal Templates

What I like about using A Self Guru is the fact that I can buy individual legal templates or bundles as I need them. 

Every purchase I have made has given me a freebie or another legal template I need at a discounted price.

When you make a purchase with A Self Guru, an email and a download is sent to you immediately. Each template is easy to understand and use. Amira has step by step instructions added to each legal template.

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Protect Your Online Business

Do you have a website? I would suggest beginning with one of the three Legal Bundles found here.

Starter Legal Bundle by A Self Guru

The first purchase I made from A Self Guru is the Starter Legal Bundle. The Starter Legal Bundle has the minimum required legal templates for your website. 

The Starter Bundle includes three important legal templates for websites:

  • Disclaimer – Helps to protect you legally for the content you publish on your website
  • Terms and Conditions – Establishes website rules and prevents theft of your intellectual property
  • Privacy Policy – Makes your website compliant with privacy laws including GDPR, and CCPA

This bundle also includes nine additional bonuses for free:

  • GDPR Visitors Rights Policy
  • GDPR Email Marketing Policy
  • Website Cookie Policy
  • Earnings Disclaimer Template
  • Testimonials & Product Review Disclaimer
  • Sponsored Posts Disclaimer
  • Lawful Use of Website Clause
  • Third-Party Links Disclaimer
  • Mandatory Arbitration Clause

Learn more about which Legal Bundle is best for you by watching Amira’s video below:

Other legal templates a small business owner, like you, will find valuable:

ADA & WCAG Compliance Legal Bundle for Your Website by A Self Guru

Legal Templates by A Self Guru

A Self Guru has templates for Bloggers, Coaches, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, Interior Designers, Real Estate, and Website Designers.

It is easy to find and pay for individual or bundle templates on Amira’s website. The templates are easy to read and revise to your specific business.

I was lucky to find A Self Guru! It’s important for me to protect myself, my business, and my clients with affordable legal templates.

I would suggest getting your website or business legally compliant using templates from A Self Guru!

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