20 Profitable Hobbies That Make Money

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Is there something you enjoy doing when you’re not working? What is your go to hobby when you have extra leisure time on your hands?

If you have been asked multiple questions about your hobby, consider turning it into a profitable side hustle.

I had received many questions for years about how to start a business, what type of accounting software to use, how to keep track of bookkeeping, and more. However, it took me a long time to realize I could actually make money using my knowledge.

My biggest take away from my experience is to tell you, DON’T WAIT! My life has had many obstacles, but if I would have begun using what I know to help others sooner…

Listed are 20 Profitable Hobbies That Make Money. Do you think your hobby can make you money? Find ways to turn your hobby into a profit!

So, what’s stopping you? If you are reading this you must be looking for ways to make money.  

Just for you, I put together a list of profitable hobbies you could turn into extra income. 

Arts and Crafts

When I hear the word arts and crafts I think of elementary school, but the truth is arts and crafts range from paintings, ceramics, pottery, blown glass, and much more.

Only selling arts and crafts at fairs and craft markets is outdated. You can sell your craft on eBay, an e-commerce store, Etsy, and in your local hobby stores.

Other ways to create profitable hobbies with arts and crafts are:

Teach an Online Course

Create Prints From Your Paintings and Drawings for Unlimited Sales

Create a How-to E-Book


Is babysitting for friends and family your forte?

Advertise yourself to families in the neighborhood and local community. List yourself on sites like care.com so others in your area can be directed to you and your services.

Profitable hobbies don’t always start out easy so here are some extra steps you can take to get noticed as a babysitter:

Get references from those who know you and trust you

Take a CPR and First Aid course

Learn about Anaphylaxis and how to recognize it (This is normally due to life-threatening allergies from peanuts, bees, etc.)

Bake Animal Treats

Baking comes in all shapes and forms. Do you enjoy making treats at home to give to your fur family?

If you have created a treat animals just love then why not create an additional income!

Create an e-commerce store, go to local fairs and events, and visit local animal shops to inquire about displaying your product on their shelves.


You are currently on my blog reading this post. What I do is blogging along with other services I offer as a bookkeeper.

Is blogging similar to writing? Yes. However, blogging makes you money by discussing specific topics like finance, income, travel, cooking, or whatever your certain niche may be.

A blog makes additional income with ads, affiliate marketing, courses, PDF’s, e-books, and more. Learn more about How to Make Money Using Your Blog here.

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Buy and Sell Items

Not everyone has to be good at making or creating things. If you are good at finding a good deal then consider buying and reselling items to turn a profit.


Do you have an expertise that will benefit others? Why not consider becoming a coach.

Coaches are inspiration to those who need it. People do well with someone on their side so guiding those who need it allows you to help others.

Types of coaching include:

Career Coaching

Personal Life Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Skills Coaching


Make a profit by turning great cooking skills into a business.

Opportunities to make money with cooking include:


Food Blogging

Meal Prep Service

Online Food Service

Drop Shipping

Do you have an interest in automotive parts, shoes, home goods, or other items you can drop ship to customers?

Become a dealer and drop ship goods to customers. My previous article How to Make Drop Shopping Work for Your E-Commerce Store will give you more details on drop shipping.

Shopify offers free e-commerce templates which are easy to work with. Shopify works with various social media platforms and apps to make selling online simple.

Ways to get customers to buy your goods:

Advertise on Social Media

Start an E-Commerce Store

Use Email Marketing

Fitness Instructor

Take your fitness routine and turn it into a profit by helping others who need support with their fitness and health.

If you have experience, certifications, or a degree related to fitness and health then look into becoming a personal trainer, health and wellness coach, fitness consultant, dietitian, massage therapist, or create an online course your students can follow at their own pace.


Having a green thumb allows you to create a profitable income by working as a gardener.

Gardeners help others by taking care of flowers, bushes, shrubs, and trees.  Gardening also includes removing weeds, leaves, and trimming hedges and bushes.

Handmade Embroidery, Crochet or Knitted Items

Just like arts and crafts you can make money from making embroidery, crochet, or knitted items. Consumers love homemade gifts and personalized gifts.

Transform your hobbies into profitable hobbies by selling your craft on Etsy, craft fairs, markets, or an e-commerce store.

Jams and Jellies

Profitable hobbies come in all varieties, that’s why I’ve included jams and jellies in this list.

I’ve tasted some wonderful jams and jellies people have made; therefore, I know marketing them can be profitable.

Places to sell jams and jellies include:


Farmers Markets


Gourmet Stores



Is making pieces of jewelry a hobby of yours? Why not turn it into income?

Just like many other hobbies you can sell jewelry in places like Etsy, consignment boutiques, craft shows, Facebook Market, home parties, and social media.

I suggest using Canva to create eye catching designs to use for your social media feeds. Canva has templates you use to advertise on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and more.


Take all those pictures you’ve taken and make some money!

Sell your photos online using sites like SmugMug Pro, Shutterstock, or build your own online website.

If you’d like to capture special occasions for others then go out and market yourself as a freelance photographer in your area and take photos of weddings, birthdays, and group events.

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Repair Person

Constantly fixing things for yourself and others? Become a repair person for those who need help!

Advertise yourself by word of mouth, during neighborhood association meetings, or in online neighborhood social platforms like Nextdoor.

Sell Baked Goods

I grew up with the love of baking. I’m not great with the decorating, but I can make some tasty brownies, breads, cakes, and more. If you have a baking specialty, why not make some money from it.

Here are some services to offer:

Cater Parties

Sell Holiday Baked Goods

Deliver Baked Goods to Local Customers

Start an Online Baking Subscription

Social Media Manager

Social media managers help businesses succeed in marketing on social media. If you are good with analytics, social media tools, and people then why not help others achieve their dreams.

There are many social media tools available, but I wanted to share information on Tailwind. I currently use Tailwind to schedule my Pinterest pins and I love it!

Visit my article How Tailwind Helped My New Blog to find out how it helped me grab followers from Pinterest.

YouTube Channel

Is your current love of talking about a specific niche making you a big hit on YouTube? Turn your passion of sharing with others on YouTube into an income.

Apply for the YouTube Partner Program to begin monetizing your account.  Visit YouTube support for more information.

Website Creator

Website creation is a talent you can easily increase your income with. There are many business owners who need well-designed, eye-catching websites.

Ways to make money as a website creator:

Build Your Own Website and Show Off Your Talent

Create a Course and Teach Others

Create a Business Profile on Google

Promote on Upwork


Make money as a freelance writer by writing for websites and blogs.

Start a portfolio with pieces of your writing so you can share your portfolio with potential clients. For more information on How to Become a Freelancer with No Experience visit my article.

You can easily put your bookkeeping on a schedule with my Bookkeeping Simplified Guide. Get free access!

Thoughts About Turning Hobbies Into Profitable Hobbies

Anyone can make money on the side; it is just a matter of putting your mind to it. You can sell goods online or offer a specific service in your local area like photography, gardening, or meal prep.

Diving into the world of making money changes the enjoyment of a hobby. Be sure to create income from a hobby you will enjoy for a long period of time.

In addition, I suggest, designating personal time for yourself by picking up an additional hobby. Working multiple jobs, marketing yourself, and learning about being a business owner is more work than you might think; therefore, designate time for yourself.

With any business there is burnout and I regret not blocking out more time for myself when I started my new business.

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