How to Make Money Using Your Blog

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Blogging has most definitely been an eye opener for me.  When I started my own blog I realized the hard work and effort put into creating and maintaining a blog.

A blogger uses their expertise to make money using their blog while educating and sharing their knowledge with their readers.

It wasn’t until I was desperately seeking a change in my life that I turned to blogging.  One thing I quickly learned is that blogging isn’t enough when you need to make money. 

Income comes from creating a business.  Repeat after me, income comes from creating a business

Make money using your blog by creating a small business. Get your blog started right and implement ways to make money from your blog.

Blogging isn’t enough because a blog is a foundation of something larger. An example of this is my bookkeeping services.  I use my blog to teach and give assistance to those who need help with bookkeeping. 

Bloggers inspire, teach, and recommend information to others who are looking for advice and services from someone who has knowledge in a specific field. 

How Did I Start My Blog?

Blog Niche

If you are looking to make money from your blog, the first thing you need to do is figure out your niche.  This is a common term and seen all over Pinterest. 

A blog niche is the topic or subject you will write about on your blog. Write about the best fitted subject for you. Dig deep and think about your area of expertise.

An example of a blog niche is a travel blog.  Travel blogs are written by individuals who write about places they’ve been. 

They are knowledgeable in travel because they are going to specific places and teaching others about them. 

I have to say finding a blog niche is absolutely necessary for success. When you determine what your blog niche is, you will find out who your market is.

The blog niche gives you direction and a specific audience. 

Create a Marketing Strategy

Your audience is looking to you as an expert in your field. The idea is to create a marketing strategy for your specific audience.

You are the specialist in your field and people want to know what you know.  Decide how you want to share your knowledge.

There are several ways to market your blog. Social media is the most common form of marketing. YouTube, Instagram, Google, and Facebook get people looking at you and your business.

Local marketing, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and face-to-face interactions are other ways to market services and products.

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Start Your Blog Off Right

Make sure you start your blog with a proper domain name and host.  You can read How to Start a WordPress Blog Using SiteGround to help you get started. 

I researched for a long while before starting my site.  Read How Tailwind Helped My New Blog to help you get started on Pinterest.  I include a step-by-step instruction on how to use Tailwind.

I suggest visiting my Recommendations Page for more products and services I use for my business and blog.

Blogging Isn’t Enough to Make Money

Services You Offer

Are you capable of offering services to your clients? As a bookkeeper, I can offer services to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Coaches, fitness trainers, psychologist, teachers, and many other individuals can easily offer services online.

The idea is to inform and instruct readers about the service you are offering so they will follow you and your blog with confidence. 

Sell your services to your readers!

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means you are making a commission on products and services you promote for other companies. 

It is easiest to promote and recommend companies you have used yourself and believe will be useful to others. If you trust in products others will to.

When you work with affiliate programs, you receive commission for recommending others to purchase products or subscriptions.

Write eBooks

eBooks are offered as freebies or with a price tag to readers through blogs.  I personally have not written an eBook, but many bloggers do. 

There are multiple ways to use eBooks.  The important thing is how you incorporate it into your niche. 

The idea is to solve a problem for your audience using your eBook.

Create Courses

Create a course to solve a problem for your readers. Similar to eBooks, creating courses should draw in customers and followers.

Create free modules so your potential customer becomes an actual customer by paying for a course you create.

Think about your niche and come up with a solution to your readers common problem. Courses are a great way to help others and offer services without working constantly.

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Sell Goods

Again, as a blogger you need to turn your writing and know-how into a business.  Can you sell goods or products based on what you know? 

For instance, if you are a great organizer you may want to create and sell planners or meal calendars. Selling goods is an easy way to add to your income.

Common goods sold online are jewelry, t-shirts, and stickers.


  1. I’ve had a blog for some time now. I have a decent number of blogs butI I need to work on affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

    1. I wish you luck on your blog. Thanks for visiting my site!

  2. Great advice. Thank you! I need to start thinking about what services I can offer through my blog.

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