Local Weekend Side Jobs to Grow Your Income

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Are you working to pay debt, starting a savings account, holiday fund, or a travel fund? Some people work a second job to increase income, while others work weekend side jobs because of assistance with childcare or other weekly duties.

There are plenty of side hustles; however, not everyone wants to work online, some might actually enjoy getting out and talking to others. There is a sense of enjoyment when you get up and have somewhere to go and something to do.

Looking for weekend side jobs in your area? Barista, fast food worker, and gardener are just a few weekend side jobs in your local area.

I’ve put together a list of local weekend side jobs to help you in your search.


A barista is someone who makes coffee. Coffee companies need many part time workers.

There are several coffee companies in every state. In my city, it appears as though coffee shops are on every corner. Look for Help Wanted signs to find out who is hiring!


Do you enjoy working with children or seniors? Look for weekend caretaker jobs and help loved ones take a break to run errands, work, or just have time to themselves.

Sites like Care.com and Snagajob help locate families in need of caregivers.


Cleaning services is another weekend side job that is perfect for weekends. One plus in starting a cleaning service is the fact that there is not a large expense to start.

Ask your friends and neighbors if they know of anyone who needs some added help around their house.

If you prefer to work for a cleaning service then look for cleaning companies near you who are hiring.

Dog Walker

Do you prefer working with animals over humans? Consider a job as a dog walker.

As a dog walker you could still have time to pick up other weekend side jobs and you will keep active by getting outdoors walking and playing with the animals.

Use Rover and Wag to help find local jobs.

Event Setup

Do you like being around lots of people on fun and memorable days? Then look for local event setup jobs at local concert venues, wedding venues, and banquet halls. 

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Fast Food Worker

Local food chains and restaurants are always looking for fast-food workers. Some of these jobs consist of drive thru workers, cooks, and cashiers.

Next time you are picking up food on the go, look for Now Hiring signs.


Busy people in suburban areas require the use of gardeners.

Advertise yourself to your neighboring community to work as a gardener. Working weekends allows you to take on just the right amount of work for a weekend job.

Gardening can include pulling weeds, watering plants, removing leaves, and trimming hedges and bushes.

Grocery Delivery

Since Covid-19 there has been an increase in grocery store delivery drivers. Inquire with Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub for a job as a local grocery delivery driver.


Receptionists answer phones, relay messages, distribute mail, and other duties as needed by employers.  Weekend side jobs as a receptionist are usually listed in local papers or through sites like Indeed.

Retail Work

Retail work is another great pick from the weekend side jobs list because retailers are constantly looking to fill shifts. Seasonal work is also a constant need in retail stores. 

Visit your local stores in person or online to find out if they are hiring. 

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Rideshare Driver

If you don’t mind spending time in your car driving people around, consider becoming a rideshare driver using Uber or Lyft.

Becoming a rideshare driver means you need a vehicle, gas in your car, and a set schedule to earn extra money.

Sell Goods

Weekend side jobs also involve selling goods. You can make and sell jewelry, art, and other handcrafted items to sell at craft fairs, markets, holiday sales, and more.

If you are not interested in making items to sell then buy and sell items. You can sell items you find at flea markets, yard sales, and consignment shops.


Being an expert in a certain academic field can place you as a tutor. You can tutor grade school students and college students for extra cash.


Weekend side jobs are beneficial for those who have only Saturday and Sunday to get out and earn a part-time income or those ready to earn extra money.

One or two of these side hustles will generate income for you and your family. Some of these jobs can even be turned into a full-time job if you choose to expand.

Just like with any regular full-time job ensure you have reasonable expectations and ask questions while interviewing or inquiring about a job.

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