How to Start a Bookkeeping Business

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If you’ve visited my site before you know that I help businesses achieve free time by taking care of their bookkeeping.  When I started blogging, I was enjoying the creative outlet of writing, so I didn’t think of using my site for bookkeeping.  However, as I stayed home for my daughter’s surgery and eventually mine, I realized that I could offer services to others.  I’d worked for many companies as a bookkeeper through previous employers, so I created a bookkeeping business of my own.  I work from home, but I can work where my laptop is as long as I have a good internet service. 

Since I didn’t initially start out thinking, I was going to create a bookkeeping business I made some changes to my website.  I’ve built other websites and started another business; therefore, I knew what I had to do to start the bookkeeping business, but I also acknowledged it would take time to grow clients and an online presence to capture clients from other states.   

I want to share with you How to Start a Bookkeeping Business.  I help businesses achieve free time by taking care of their bookkeeping.  You can too!

Keep in mind bookkeeping and accounting isn’t for everyone.  I’ve designated the last nine years in this career alone.  I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and 26+ years of work history.  Not everyone has to go to school, but I do recommend taking courses teaching you about bookkeeping and accounting.  I also recommend learning an accounting software you will use for your business.  My experience in multiple accounting software has helped me to help others. 

These are the steps I took to create my online bookkeeping business.

Create a Website.  I created my website with the help of SiteGround as a host and WordPress as the software to create my blog. is where I purchased the domain name.  I have a writeup to help you get started, How to Start a WordPress Blog Using SiteGround.

Start a Blog.  I began writing content before I actually used my website for my bookkeeping services.  Not everyone needs a blog, but I use blogging to share business information.  Writing content allows you to communicate about your niche.

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Business License and Bank Account.  My business name is legal in my state.  I submitted all the necessary paperwork to create a legal Limited Liability Company.  Right after receiving my Articles of Organization and Business License I opened a new checking account for my business.  Keep your checking account separate from your personal account.

Work Email.  I created a general work email for my vendors and affiliations.  Using I setup an email for clients.  The email allows me to secure the content that I am sending to clients.  Look into secure ways to send documents back and forth.  Remember that you are dealing with financial material. 

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Advertisement.  I began advertising using local associations to promote my business.  I purchased business cards and signage for my vehicle.  I’ve gone out to local companies and introduced myself while leaving business cards.  This gives business owners a face to remember when they need additional help.

Social Media.  Again, not everyone advertises on social media.  If you are trying to work with local clients, then word of mouth goes a long way.  However, since I decided to work virtually, I use Pinterest with the help of Tailwind, Instagram, and most recently LinkedIn and Facebook.  Pinterest is the social media network that I have used the longest.  Learning about Tailwind was one of the best marketing tools I’ve found.  For more information, go to my blog post How Tailwind Helped My New Blog.

Join Facebook Groups.  For a short time, I was on the course kick.  I took as many free courses as I could because I thought I needed to learn more.  In taking courses and reading up on other blogs I ended up joining some Facebook Groups.  The people in the groups have shared applicable information for my needs.  If you’re interested in becoming your own bookkeeper using QuickBooks Online, I suggest viewing 5 Minute Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online.

Paid for a Business Phone.  Even though I work virtually, I decided to purchase a cell phone number designated for my business.  Clients have the option to contact me in multiple ways.  This doesn’t work for everyone, but it was a decision that I made for my business. 

Became a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  I studied the QuickBooks Online modules and became a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  It’s a certification that you can achieve through QuickBooks with a little studying.  QuickBooks has a ProAdvisor site where you will be listed as a certified independent accounting pro once you’ve submitted your profile after completing the course. 

Since I’ve been working in bookkeeping and accounting, I already had purchased a desk, QuickBooks Desktop, Office 365, a copier, scanner, and set up a designated work area when I need it.  Based on the clients you assist and the bookkeeping business you decide on you may invest in file cabinets and a comfortable desk.  Since I am virtual, I looked at cloud platforms like FreshBooks, Xero, and QuickBooks Online.   

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