How to Start a Bookkeeping Business with Confidence

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If you have visited my site, then you know that I help entrepreneurs and small business owners manage their income and expenses with my bookkeeping business.

I am a bookkeeper, accountant, busy mom, business owner, blogger, and military wife.  These titles have taught me how to organize and manage my time and understand how important the management of bookkeeping is for entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

How to Start a Bookkeeping Business. I help businesses achieve free time by taking care of their bookkeeping. You can too!


I have designated more than twelve years in my bookkeeping career alone. I have my bachelor’s degree in accounting. However, not everyone has to go to school to start a bookkeeping business.

I do recommend taking courses which teach you specifically about bookkeeping.  Reach out to your local colleges for certification programs or classes in bookkeeping.

In addition to local colleges, courses have been created online for individuals ready to dive into a bookkeeping career.

Ben Robinson has founded course teaches you how to start a virtual bookkeeping business. Sign up for Ben’s free bookkeeping class to get you started.

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Before we get started let me remind you to sign up for my free Bookkeeping Simplified Guide. My Bookkeeping Simplified Guide includes free access to my method on how to put your bookkeeping on a schedule. 

Accounting Software

Being a bookkeeper means you are offering a service to a business or entrepreneur.  You need some type of accounting software to provide your service. 

I have been certified in Xero and QuickBooks Online.  Choose an accounting software that helps you and your clients.  I personally prefer QuickBooks because I have been using it for a long time and it works well for the industries I help.


If you are interested in QuickBooks as your go to accounting software, study to become a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.  Achieve a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Certification by studying the modules they provide for free.  

Once you become a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor you will have the ability to list yourself on their website as a QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

The QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor program will not teach bookkeeping, but it will help you learn the program.

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Niche Down

Bookkeeping services are meant to help a business understand their income and expenses. Understanding how well a business is doing allows business owners to grow their business, budget, and much more. 

It helps if you have an insight and clear idea as to what the business is and how it runs.  That is where the bookkeeping niche helps you and the company you are working for.

My husband has an automotive business; therefore, I know exactly how it runs and what type of cost of goods, expenses, and income it receives. 

Over the years I’ve worked with many service-based businesses and now specialize in working with the health and wellness industry which includes counselors and therapists.

Think about a type of business you know well or would like to learn lots about to have an expertise in.

Legal Business

My business name is legal in my state.  I submitted all the necessary paperwork to create a legal Limited Liability Company in my state.  In addition, I also have my business registered in my city.

When you are ready to become a legal company look into your local state and city requirements.

I use A Self Guru for all of my legal templates. Safeguard your business by using legal forms in your business. One important template you need is a Bookkeeping Agreement Template. You can download this template from A Self Guru for only $125.

Amira’s is a lawyer who created easy to use templates. I use her templates so I can reuse testimonials from clients, and maintain a website with a legal Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

Amira made it easy for me to download the forms I needed by offering bundles at a discounted price.

Bank Account

Right after receiving my Articles of Organization and business license I opened a new business checking account for my business only.  It is important to keep your business income and expenses separate from your personal account. 

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Secure Documents

I created a general work email for my vendors and affiliations.  Using GoDaddy made it easy for me to setup an additional email for clients. The email allows me to send secure content to clients. 

Since I completed the TaxBiz program I decided to use Drake Tax Software and SecureFilePro. SecureFilePro allows my clients to send me sensitive documents in a safe and secure way.

Look into secure ways to send documents back and forth.  Remember that you are dealing with private financial materials as a bookkeeper.

Local Advertisement

There are many ways you can advertise.  But first you need to decide whether your business will be virtual or at an actual business location.

I began advertising using local associations to promote my business.  I purchased business cards and signage for my vehicle from VistaPrint

I receive inquiries from individuals while I’m out driving or at local stores just by having a sign on my back window offering bookkeeping and tax preparation services.

Going out to local companies and introducing myself while leaving business cards gives business owners a face to remember when they need additional help.

Online Advertisement

Virtual businesses can promote on social media, a website, and listings. Use Canva to create fast and trendy social media posts for all social media sites.

Tailwind helped me grow my social media following. I started using Pinterest first, that is where I have my biggest following. Scheduling Pinterest pins and Instagram posts are so easy to do on Tailwind.

In addition, list your business on Google My Business so people looking for help on the internet can find you. I send my clients a link and ask for a Google review.

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Start a Blog

Not everyone needs a blog, but I use blogging to share business and bookkeeping information. 

Writing content allows you to communicate your knowledge and expertise in your field. It gives potential clients the confidence they need to request help from you.

If you decide to blog then my write-up How to Start a WordPress Blog Using SiteGround is here to get you started.

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Pricing and Packages

Pricing and packages have become a common question for many bookkeepers.  However, I feel like your niche will help you to decide how you want to present your pricing. 

Sometimes a review of a company’s bookkeeping accounts are necessary before you decide on how much to charge. 

I work on a fixed rate and send a proposal/engagement letter the client signs.

Additional Recommendations

Since I have been working in bookkeeping and accounting, I already have a desk, QuickBooks Software, Office 365, a copier, scanner, file cabinets, and a designated work area. 

Since I’ve grown I now use NordVPN, Webroot Secure Anywhere, and other antivirus software to protect my business and my clients.

I know how hard it is to get a business started when you’re on a budget so I use products from Walmart in my office. Read Walmart Must-Haves for Your Home Office to setup your work space.

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