How to Save Money on Groceries

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Grocery prices have increased significantly. Individuals and families are all having trouble keeping up with the high prices of food.

Below is a list of ways on how to save money on groceries at the grocery store which will have you saving money in no time.

This list is simple and will help you financially save money on food without sacrificing the foods you love.

Save money on groceries by making a list, buying generic, shopping seasonal, shopping at certain times of the day, and much more.

Let’s look at ways on how to save money on groceries!

Buy Generic Brands to Save Money

Buying generic will save you money on groceries. Each store has their own generic name brand. For example, Great Value is sold at Walmart and Signature Select is sold at Albertsons Market.

You can find all types of food and paper goods in the generic brand names with the same great taste as name brands.

Buy Unpackaged

Consider buying unpackaged fruits and vegetables to save money. Carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, melons, apples, and more can be bought at a cheaper price without the wrapping.

Also think about purchasing snacks like crackers, raisins, cookies, and cheese in one box or package instead of individual packaging or snack packs.

Separate the snacks yourself to save money on the cost you are charged for the packing.

Consider Not Buying in Bulk

I know many sites talk about buying in bulk, but honestly I started saving money by not buying in bulk. Buying in bulk can be helpful when stocking up for lunches or large parties.

However, like I mentioned before you can buy foods and snacks in a large box or package and separate the food yourself. You can determine if you’re getting a deal by comparing the price per unit or ounces.

If you are buying for your kid’s lunches or your own, you can easily purchase large containers, bags, or boxes of applesauce, chips, yogurt, and more. Use Rubbermaid TakeAlongs On the Go food storage and meal prep containers with multiple compartments to separate your foods.

Don’t Buy Just to Buy

Attempt to keep yourself from buying unneeded grocery items by not buying just to buy. Even if there are groceries on sale don’t buy if you don’t need them.

Remember the goal is the save money on groceries, you don’t want to overspend on groceries you won’t eat.

Grocery Shop Early or Late In the Day

When you shop early you can be the first to hit the marked down items on sale or clearance. When you shop late you can capture sales from the deli, bakery, and fresh food counter.

Grocery Shop On a Full Stomach

How many times do you walk into a grocery store on a full stomach? Do you notice how many more grocery items you buy when you are hungry?

Unfortunately, I’m the type who will browse and buy all of the unhealthy foods when I’m hungry. Your wallet will thank you for not walking into a grocery store hungry.

Make Shopping a Quick Trip

Go alone to the grocery store or with someone who will help you get the groceries you need and get out before getting distracted.

It is human nature for people to get enticed by the item’s stores put on display for marketing purposes.

Keep track of income and expenses by using my free Monthly Household Budget worksheet!

Order Curbside Pickup to Save Money on Groceries

If you are looking at ways to make your life easier by saving time and money then opt for the curbside pickup grocery order.

Some of the pros to ordering a curbside pickup are saving money, saving time, placing orders online, and adding a pickup time that works for you.

Some of the cons of ordering a curbside pickup are not always getting the freshest fruits and vegetables, unavailable food items, and wait times for pickup.

Reusable Bags

If the location you live in charges for bags then be sure to take your own. Many checkout stands have reusable bags you can buy so you can save money on your next trips to the grocery store.

In addition, save money on bags by using your reusable ones and save by only buying the right number of groceries to fit in the bags you take with you.

Seasonal Savings

We all indulge in food from time to time especially during the holidays. Look for deals on those pumpkin pies, turkeys, and more.

In addition to holiday deals be sure to buy fresh fruits and vegetables during their peak season. You may want to consider buying frozen fruits and vegetables during the off seasons to save money.

Sign Up For Loyalty Programs

You can sign up for free loyalty programs with your local grocery store. Each store has its own rewards benefit or discount.

By signing up you don’t have to clip coupons and you save money on groceries. Some loyalty programs will offer a discount on their gas stations too.

Stick to a Grocery List

When you stick to a grocery list, you don’t sway from what you need. Remember your list tells you what you need and what you plan on eating.

Use Groceries You Already Have to Start Your Grocery List

Go through your pantry and figure out what you have that you can use in a meal. By using the groceries in your pantry, you can save money by not buying items for a full meal.

Use the Same Groceries on Multiple Meals

When you find great deals on food items, consider using the items in multiple meals to save money. One idea on how to use one food for multiple meals would be potatoes. Use potatoes in potato soup, with meat, with eggs, and more.

If you purchase breakfast type items consider eating breakfast for dinner so the food doesn’t go to waste.

There are lots of affordable food items you can use with various meals like rice, beans, eggs, noodles, and potatoes.

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Do Not Overthink Grocery Shopping

Make sure to eat healthy when you can, buy things you know you will eat, and look for deals so you can save money on groceries.

Have some fun making meals you’ll enjoy. Cooking together in the kitchen brings people together!


  1. Great ideas! Will definitely try this out as we need to cut back from expenses. Thanks for sharing 😄

  2. I follow many of your tips and it work. Thanks!

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