How Side Hustles Helped Me Earn Extra Cash

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Hey there, hardworking friends! I’m Christa, and today, I’m inviting you to join me on a side hustle journey.

My journey has taken me on many twists and turns of navigating family life, managing those monthly bills, and discovering those little pockets of extra cash that make all the difference.

Over the past 34 years of working, I’ve learned a thing or two about the hustle and grind, and let me tell you, it’s been quite the ride.

I’ve been on a mission to make ends meet while still enjoying life’s little luxuries like lattes. And let me tell you, it’s been a wild ride!

Learn to turn side hustles into extra cash by taking on an extra gig. Get inspired to start your own journey to financial freedom.

My Side Hustle Journey

Back in the day, I was just like many of you—juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet and provide a little something extra for myself and my family.

From those early days of making tacos at a popular fast-food restaurant to my current gigs as a blogger and bookkeeper, I’ve seen it all.

And let me tell you, each side hustle taught me something new about resilience, hard work, and the power of a dollar earned.

Making Every Penny Count

Now, I won’t sugarcoat it—side hustles take time and effort. But let me tell you, the rewards are oh-so-worth it!

Whether it’s selling automotive parts online, creating digital downloads, or offering bookkeeping services from my home office, each side hustle has been a stepping stone to extra financial income. And hey, who doesn’t love a little extra cash in their pocket?

Finding Your Side Hustle Sweet Spot

So, how do you find the side hustle that’s right for you? Well, it’s all about tapping into your passions and skills.

Love crafting? Consider selling your creations online. Got a knack for numbers? Maybe bookkeeping or tax prep is your jam. The possibilities are endless!

Turning Passion into Profit

Let’s talk specifics, shall we? Here are some side hustles that have helped me earn some serious extra cash over the years:

Fast Food Worker

As a teenager, I started my journey in the workforce by making tacos and taking orders at a nearby fast-food restaurant.

It was my first taste of the working world, and while the pay wasn’t extravagant, it taught me valuable lessons in responsibility and time management.

As I began to expand my resume, I went back to working part-time as a fast food worker during the weekends to help supplement income while I was working mornings and attending school in the evenings.

Product Demonstrator

While my husband was stationed on the East Coast. I took many extra jobs to keep myself busy and make extra money.

One of the weekend jobs I took for extra cash was working as a product demonstrator giving out samples of shampoo and conditioner products.

Not only was it a fun way to interact with customers, but it also honed my sales skills while making extra income.

Product Demonstrator

Retail Worker

A friend of mine had a regular position working in retail and had contacted me about seasonal work at her department store. Therefore, I found myself working nights and weekends in retail.

From Black Friday madness to last-minute gift shopping, the holiday hustle was intense but rewarding, providing a much-needed boost to my bank account.

This job helped me save money to take a trip home and visit my family.

Selling Automotive Parts Online

When my children were young, my husband met someone selling automotive parts online.

With my husbands passion for cars, I ventured into the world of online automotive sales. I quickly learned about add-on accessories and aftermarket parts for popular vehicles and sold them on various platforms.

Eventually I created a website for my husband’s business and sold automotive accessories and parts through the website.

Creating and Selling Clothing and Accessories Online

Armed with my trusty Adobe software, Cricut machine, and heat press, I transformed my love for fashion into a profitable online venture while working my normal daytime job.

I made t-shirts and created designs to be sold on other accessories made and shipped by Spring (formerly known as Teespring), my Etsy and Spring storefronts became virtual showcases for my creativity.

As I worked a job during daytime hours, I made and sold products online in my free time.


At a time when I was looking for a change in my life, I recognized the power of digital content. I launched my own blog, sharing insights and advice on small business management, finance, and family life.

Through affiliate marketing and content, my blog provides a platform for sharing knowledge. Blogging is one of the joys in my life because I truly like helping people.

However, it took me quite a while to turn my blog into what it is today. Keep in mind that passive income takes place after you’ve put in the work.

Pinterest has been a big help when advertising my website content. I use Tailwind to schedule content regularly.

Some of the things I’ve had to learn along the way are how to make my blog legal, using email marketing, landing pages, and how to incorporate affiliate marketing to earn extra cash.


With a background in accounting, I decided to leverage my skills by offering bookkeeping services from my home office during my off time.

Using accounting software, email, video communication, and VPN security to encrypt connections, I help entrepreneurs and small business owners streamline their finances and gain valuable insights into their operations.

Even though I’ve made bookkeeping one of my key income streams, it was at one point a side hustle. Helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and their families has become a passion of mine.

I love helping others make the most out of their income and find ways to make extra cash whenever possible.


Tax Preparer

As tax season rolls around each year, I put my accounting degree to good use by offering tax preparation services to individuals and businesses.

Not only is this an add-on service that I included into my regular work as an additional income stream, but it helps my clients during tax season.

From navigating monthly bookkeeping to qualified tax deductions, I help my clients file their taxes with confidence and ease once a year.

Selling Digital Products

In my quest for additional income streams, I’ve turned to the world of digital products, creating and selling PDF’s, Excel templates, and other digital downloads on my website and other platforms.

In addition to the free digital downloads on my website, I wanted to offer worthy digital products helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, families, and others interested in making extra income.

Creating digital products allows me to monetize my expertise and reach a global audience.

Selling Master Resell Rights Courses

And finally, one of my favorite side hustles of all is selling Master Resell Rights (MRR) courses.

With a one-time investment, I gained access to a treasure trove of valuable resources that I could resell at 100% profit.

By leveraging digital marketing skills and utilizing platforms like ConvertKit and, I was able to market a great digital marketing course.

The Digital Wealth Playbook is for aspiring entrepreneurs which help them kickstart their own journey to financial freedom.

The course has an easy to adjust funnel you can start making money with immediately. And the affordable payment plan option allows anyone to buy the course.


The bottom line is that side hustles aren’t just about making a quick buck. Side hustles are about taking control of your financial future and creating a life you love.

So whether you’re a stay-at-home mom looking to earn some extra cash or a seasoned professional ready to explore new opportunities, there’s a side hustle out there with your name on it.

Let’s make that dream of financial freedom a reality, one hustle at a time!

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