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Are you looking for a trusted and reliable virtual monthly bookkeeper?

How can I help your business? As an entrepreneur or small business owner you are completing multiple tasks throughout your day. My goal is to help business owners achieve free time for business management.

Are you looking for a trusted and reliable virtual bookkeeper who cares about you and your business? Let me save you time with my bookkeeping services!

Virtual monthly bookkeeping is just one of the ways I can help.

The Bookkeeping Services I include are:
Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online
Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Self-Employed
Initial Setup of QuickBooks Online
Initial Setup of QuickBooks Self-Employed
Catch up Bookkeeping
Clean up Bookkeeping 
Additional Options Can Be Discussed

Clients I work best with:
1) Established businesses and startup companies looking for professional bookkeeping services.
2) Companies who use cash accounting.
3) Businesses who are tech-savvy and work well with paperless data exchange. 
4) Service-based industries including automotive, chiropractic, food trucks, and tattoo artists.

The benefits you will receive by contacting me:
1)  A professional who appreciates your time and values your business.  
2)  Free time to focus on your business, yourself, and your family.
3)  Collaborate with a dedicated and qualified individual.

I don’t include:
Tax Services
Payroll services
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My Story

While staying home with my children during my daughter’s recovery from a spinal fusion, I knew my balance between work and family had to change. After, months of consideration I had an aha moment. I realized I could use my degree in accounting and my knowledge in business, bookkeeping, and accounting to help others like myself achieve their business goals. Therefore, Navigate with Price began its purpose.

Whether you are starting a new business or feeling overwhelmed and need to take work off of your daily agenda, contact me for virtual monthly bookkeeping. My free consultation will determine whether I am a proper fit for you and your business.

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