Welcome to Navigate with Price!

Hi! I’m Christa,

I’m a bookkeeper who has helped service-based businesses for more than a decade. My specialty is working with artists, counselors, health and wellness experts, therapists, and website designers.

Starting as a small business owner myself, I understand the struggle of learning the ins and outs
of income and expenses. I remember the added frustration during my first year in business when I had to submit paperwork for income taxes. Income tax season encouraged me to properly use and understand a Profit and Loss statement.

This is one reason I went back to school to receive my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Of course, there were personal reasons too, but I wanted to help others like my husband and myself who were fighting to stay in business.

Since my first business venture in 2010, I began helping others like yourself record and understand business profit and loss, find qualified tax deductions, and become compliant with federal and state taxes.

How will we work together?

  • First, we clarify your business needs.
  • Next, we work together to streamline your bookkeeping process.
  • Then, I continue to keep your bookkeeping up to date.

Schedule a discovery call with a skilled accountant who is rooting for you!

What brought me here?

I have been working for more than thirty years, but the biggest change in my working career was starting a business in my thirties with my husband.

Having a business of your own can easily change your life in its entirety. I had some experience in business and bookkeeping but nothing prepares you for starting a new business.

My long work history helped me to discover I can contribute knowledge to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I founded Navigate with Price LLC to help others succeed in their business and life endeavors. 

I never imagined that I would own a second business or write a blog, but then I realized expertise and experiences give a person something to say.

My website and blog allow me to:

    • Offer bookkeeping tips

    • Encourage others to start their business

    • Share knowledge about known companies that support businesses

    • And much more

I understand your business is unique so let your bookkeeping and tax services fit your business!

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