Navigate with Price

Welcome to Navigate with Price!

Hi! I’m Christa,

a bookkeeper, tax professional, and a military spouse.

I have lived and worked in multiple states including Florida, Virginia, and Tennessee. I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and have started two businesses.

I love to help small business owners simplify their bookkeeping processes so there is more time to run and maintain a business.

Given the chance to work with industries like landscaping, health care, chiropractic, tattoo studios, automotive shops, and more gave me the courage to create Navigate with Price.

The hard-working small business owners I have helped during my career made me realize how important it is that small business owners understand income and expenses within their own business.

What brought me here? 

I have been working for more than thirty years, but the biggest change in my working career was starting a business in my thirties with my husband.

Having a business of your own can easily change your life in its entirety. I had some experience in business, bookkeeping, and received my degree in accounting, but nothing prepares you for starting a new business.

My long work history helped me to discover I can contribute knowledge to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I founded Navigate with Price LLC to help others succeed in their business and life endeavors. 

I never imagined that I would own a second business or write a blog, but then I realized expertise and experiences give a person something to say.

My website and blog allow me to:

Offer bookkeeping tips.

Encourage others to start their business.

Share knowledge about known companies that support businesses.

And much more.

I understand your business is unique so let your bookkeeping and tax services fit your business!

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