3 Free Password Tracker Printables to Download Now

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Our personal and business lives are engulfed with passwords. Passwords are used for email, banking, music, food delivery, online purchases, and so much more. Every time I turn around I need a new password. 

I have my passwords saved with NordPass, but I also have a written copy. The written copy is because I’m just simply afraid to lose my username and password information.

I have had my computer break on me unexpectedly which caused me some delays and ever since that happened I keep a manual password tracker. 

You can pick from the three personal trackers I’ve created so you can track websites, usernames, passwords, and in some cases emails. This allows you to keep track of all of your passwords safely and efficiently.

3 Free Password Tracker Printables to Download Now!  Keep up with home and office passwords by using a password template.

Using a Password Tracker

Have you ever had your password stolen? Day after day friends and family are getting their bank accounts, email, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms hacked. 

It is a horrible feeling when personal information is accessed and used by someone you don’t even know.

Storing passwords on a computer is not safe and can be dangerous when your computer is stolen or hacked.

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Storing Your Password Tracker

I’ve had password books, but unfortunately for me, they fill up quickly. Between my personal life and work it is mandatory for me to stay organized. My usernames and passwords continue to grow weekly and monthly. 

It is simple to keep a binder with a free password tracker of your choosing. You can find an inexpensive binder and even alphabetize your usernames and passwords by website name. 

Secure Your Computer Information

Working on my computer regularly is a must; therefore, I use NordVPN and NordPass. NordVPN protects my computer by protecting my location and my privacy. NordVPN shields my IP address and uses encryption to secure online traffic. 

It also gives me an added sense of security with their threat protection which blocks malware, trackers, ads, and malicious sites.

NordPass is a management tool for passwords, credit cards, and Wi-Fi access online. NordPass lets you store, access, and autofill your passwords. 


Instead of attempting to remember a password you created years ago, use a password tracker. Place all of your password tracker sheets in one place. A binder is useful when continuously adding to your list.

Remember to guard your usernames and passwords by keeping them in a safe place. 

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