"My business works with Navigate with Price, and Christa is an absolute pleasure to work with. I reviewed a lot of "Accounting Services in Albuquerque" and "Bookkeepers in Albuquerque" and feel my accounting needs could not have been met more attentively! Christa answered all of my questions and could not have been more helpful. My small business is grateful." J.G.

"I have been working with Christa for several months and she has been such a great resource as a bookkeeper. I had barely started my business when we started working together so she taught me a lot and was open about her whole process so I knew exactly what she was doing. I would highly recommend working with Navigate with Price if you are looking for a bookkeeper or tax professional!" N.H



"I bought the Digital Wealth Playbook to learn about digital marketing. This course was even more than I had expected. Learning about Instagram Reels and ChatGPT was a game changer." – Alex R.

“I love that I could start selling the Digital Wealth Playbook the same day I bought the program. This course showed me how easy it is to set up a new funnel for other courses I create and I’m continuing to learn from each category in the course.” – Marie P.

“This course has taught me so much more than I ever expected. Since I am shy in front of the camera, this course has helped me advertise without feeling embarrassed. Being able to watch the videos over and over again has been a tremendous help while completing each section of the course.” - B.L.

“I didn’t think I could learn digital marketing, but with this course I was able to follow each step and take my time until I understood what I was doing. This course was worth the money!” - Anonymous

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