Why Blogging Isn’t Enough

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Blogging has most definitely been an eye opener for me.  I was never much for reading blogs or comprehending what it took to be a blogger.  It wasn’t until I was desperately seeking a change in my life that I turned to blogging.  However, one thing I learned is that blogging isn’t enough to create an income.  Income comes from creating a business.  I want to repeat this again, income comes from creating a business

Blogging isn’t enough because a blog is a portion of something larger you are creating.  An example is my bookkeeping services.  I use my blog to teach and give assistance to those who need help with bookkeeping.  Blogging inspires, teaches, and recommends information to others who are looking for advice and services from someone who has knowledge. 

Income comes from creating a business which is why blogging isn't enough.  Get your blog started right and implement ways to make money from your blog.

Another example is travel blogs.  Travel blogs are written by individuals who write about places they’ve been.  They are knowledgeable in travel because they are going to specific places and teaching others about them.  As you have seen there are various types of blogs.  The writers of each blog offer something different like courses, recommendations, or step-by-step guides. 

So how do I get started creating a blog? 

Find Your Blog Niche

If you are looking to make money from your blog, the first thing you need to do is figure out your niche.  This is a common term and seen all over Pinterest, but unfortunately it is true.  When you determine who your blog will cater to, you have a niche.  The niche gives you direction and a specific audience. 

Create a Marketing Strategy

Blogging is a way to share what you know; therefore, decide what you will offer your audience.  A blog offers information and resources that your audience is looking to you for.  You’re the specialist in your field and people want to know what you know.  Decide how you want to share your knowledge.

Start Your Blog Off Right

Make sure you start your blog with a proper domain name and host.  You can read How to Start a WordPress Blog Using SiteGround to help you get started.  I researched for a long while before starting my site.  You may also want to read 9 Initial Steps to Start a Business.  I include 9 steps that help a new business owner to think through the process and the business needs before making the jump.    

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Since blogging isn’t enough, I’ve included ways you can make money from blogging.

Blog for The Services You Offer

If you are offering a service to your clients, use your blog to support your knowledge.  Blog about the service that you are providing potential clients.  Inform and instruct readers with your knowledge and expertise about the service you are offering so they will follow you with confidence.  The idea is that you sell your services to your readers.

Use Affiliate Marketing in Your Blog

Affiliate marketing means you are making a commission on products and services you promote for other companies.  Market and share companies you’ve worked with and you would recommend.  Your reader looks to you for advice; therefore, share products and services you favor and use.  In return you will receive commission based on the sales you make through your blog links.

Write eBooks

eBooks are offered as freebies to readers and sold through blogs.  I personally have not written an eBook, but many bloggers do.  There are multiple ways to use eBooks.  The important thing is how you incorporate it into your niche.  What can you offer in an eBook that solves a problem for people? 

Create Courses

Creating courses takes time and effort just like your writing, eBooks, and affiliate marketing.  When you create a course, you are once again solving a problem for your readers.  Just like eBooks you can sell a course, or you can offer free courses. I use the free program through Teachable so my readers can sign up and view my courses.

Sell Goods

Again, as a blogger you need to turn your writing and know-how into a business.  Can you sell goods or services based on what you know?  For instance, if you are a great organizer you may want to create and sell planners or meal calendars. Selling goods is an easy way to add to your income.

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  1. Great advice. Thank you! I need to start thinking about what services I can offer through my blog.

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