Strip Free Honee Wax

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Sally Beauty Strip Free Honee Skin Wax

I’ve recently thought about one product that I’ve been using for over a decade that people never seem to talk about and that is Sally Beauty Strip Free Honee Wax by GiGi. I hear individuals discuss going to the salon, getting their eyebrows shaped, getting a haircut, and even dying their hair, but it is rare that you hear about skin wax. Maybe it’s a personal issue to some people; perhaps they feel that this is something that they do that is more personal than the hair on their head. I have to say that the Strip Free Honee Wax that I use at home was and is a lifesaver for me.

Strip Free Honee Wax by GiGi is Easy to Use

Personally, for many years I didn’t have much free time and the time I did have I didn’t want to use at salon appointments. I am and was able to apply the wax with sticks that I purchased. There is information on the container to make sure that this product is used correctly. I use the product approximately once a week. My skin feels smooth and applying my makeup is seamless.

Sally Beauty Offers Other Skin Wax Options

There is a wide variety of waxes that Sally Beauty offers. You can purchase some for sensitive skin, bikini wax, crème wax, etc. I have used the Strip Free for years. My sister introduced me to it, and I never bothered to try another because I didn’t need to.

You Can Tweeze and Wax

When I’m not using the Strip Free Wax, I use the slant tip tweezers. I have become a big fan of the slant tip tweezers. These work wonders when trying to tweeze just a few stray hairs. We all work hard at making sure our hair grows in the same direction. Sally Beauty offers a variety of tweezers too.

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