8 Ways to Reinvent Yourself When Your Kids Go Back to School

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August is one of those months that brings around remembrance of school years past. August means more than half the year is gone and before long the holidays will be upon us.  Where I live the weather is still extremely hot and my children and I are looking for air-conditioned areas to stay indoors.  Since my children are teens now, I have been reflecting on past jobs and activities that I took part in when my children were young.  I make the joke to my children that I reinvent myself every ten years.  But, most people will find new ways to motivate themselves with a new purpose when they feel their life is stale or unchallenged. 

Reinvent yourself when your kids go back to school.  Small changes make a difference in your life while trying to reinvent yourself during the school season.

Having families, jobs or careers, and everyday routines we, as individuals, don’t find time or make time for anything outside of our daily rituals.  Relationships take work so those of us in long-term relationships or marriages work just to keep them healthy which means we don’t normally put efforts elsewhere.  Making friends as we get older becomes more difficult.  As I am approaching my mid-forties, I am learning that to reinvent yourself is a lifelong lesson.  So, I am sharing with you ways that I have reinvented myself and how others I know have reinvented themselves when kids go back to school.

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1. Get Involved in Community Work

Would you like to get involved in religion, politics, cleaning up your community, teaching or other causes?  Sign up with local companies or teams to help clean up parks in your free time, make signs for your favorite politician, or contact your local school district to find out how you can become involved in helping your child’s school.

2. Reinvent Yourself with a Part-Time Job

Since you have several hours a day while the kids are in school, you can apply for a part-time job.  There are various types of work that you can get during daytime hours like office work, reception work, retail work, fast food work and so much more.  If you only want to work while your children are in school and not during the summer months you can look for seasonal jobs that only last a few months at a time. 

3. Start a Blog

One of the best outlets I’ve ever had is starting a blog.  I turned my blog into a way to connect with people who have similar interests.  I enjoy writing because it gives me the ability to use my creativity while educating and sharing ideas and concepts with others.  My post How to Start a WordPress Blog Using SiteGround gets you started for as little as $3.95 a month. 

4. Start a Business

If you are not interested in working for others any longer and have a product or service to sell, then think about starting your own business.  I have been in bookkeeping for over nine years and started my bookkeeping business last year.  I have started two businesses in the last decade and have attended many local classes, received certifications, and completed my accounting degree so that clients share the confidence in me I have in myself.  My post 9 Initial Steps to Start a Business and How to Start a Bookkeeping Business can get anyone started in the right direction.

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5. Start a Hobby

This has always been difficult for me, but many people pickup hobbies.  A hobby is anything done for leisure.  It can be anything from ceramics, exercise, or model car building.  You can start with little money and a few days a week or a month before fully committing to a regular schedule.  

6. Sell Items Online

Do you make jewelry, t-shirts, or any other item you can sell online?  Sell items you enjoy making or reselling on platforms like Teespring, Etsy, eBay, or a website of your own.  Selling items on Teespring will cost you nothing.  Creating items and selling on other platforms can be minimal depending on what you sell. 

7. Take Classes at a Local Community College

Have you ever wanted to learn something new?  Continuing education is always a good place to start.  Community colleges offer short classes for photography, welding, taxes, and many other interests you may have.  Going to a community college can be inexpensive and short-term so you don’t have to commit long term.  

8. Volunteer

Do you have time to give to other organizations?  Volunteer at dog shelters, hospitals, gift shops, and more.  There are always non-profit organizations looking for people to help their cause.  Find out which organizations in your area best fit you and reinvent yourself by helping others.  

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