Personal Monthly Budget

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There are many topics that I could sit down and write about at this moment; however, the last few days have made me realize that I need to talk about Personal Monthly Budget.  I am an accounting major so when people are continually asking me how to keep a register, budget their monthly bills, or maintain a healthy debt ratio I help.  In the last week, I have been firmly reminded how many individuals could use a monthly budget for assistance.  My free printable PDF personal monthly budget sheet is easy for anyone just click here.

Calculating your personal monthly budget doesn't have to be a chore and it doesn't need to be difficult. Use My free printable download to budget monthly.

A Monthly Budget Is Helpful

I feel that budgeting is a useful tool for everyone.  We all work hard for our money, so it is not a surprise when individuals want to take control of their lives and their finances.  In my 20s I began keeping a notebook where I would list all my monthly bills.  Next, to each one, I would list the due dates for each bill.  Listing the due date helped me to make sure that the bills were paid on time and that I put aside the necessary amounts of money that were needed for these bills based on my employment checks.

Keeping track of monthly expenses is essential if you are trying to save for a trip, need an emergency fund, or if you need to make more money to achieve a larger goal.  See my post on 5 Simple Ways to Earn Extra Income if you’re going to add to your budget.  Balancing a budget at home can be simple, it’s all about deducting from your monthly income.

Remember if you are not comfortable with finances or math; take a deep breath and start with what you earn and deduct from there.

If you need additional help read my post 3 Simple Steps to Prepare a Monthly Budget.

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