Bookkeeping Simplified

What If Your Bookkeeping Was On a Schedule?

Bookkeeping Simplified Offers You a Simple Solution to Create a Bookkeeping Schedule in Just Four Weeks!

Get Access to Bookkeeping Simplified for Just $7

What’s Included in Bookkeeping Simplified?

  • Simple PDF Outline for Bookkeeping Simplified
  • My TRAS Method
  • Self-Paced Guide to a Simplified Schedule
  • PDF Sheets to Print and Use
  • Bonus Bookkeeping Example and Checklist Example

So many business owners believe that bookkeeping has to be chaotic and hard. The truth is if you own a business and want to set a schedule for your bookkeeping it’s really easy to do. Combat the chaos with my method!

Do You Want…

Bookkeeping and Business Success?

Time for Business Management and Family?

To Grow Your Business?

Some think this concept is a no-brainer, but not everyone has a handle on their record keeping and need help with time management.

There’s no need to overthink the process. You won’t find extensive worksheets or workbooks to complete. My method is simple and can be adjusted to fit your business at any time. You just have to put in the time to make the change to your bookkeeping habits.

Bookkeeping Simplified is for You If…

  • You’ve Grown Tired of Working Too Long
  • Making Changes is Something You’re Not Afraid Of
  • You are a Business Owner Who Needs Time to Focus on Other Parts of the Business
  • You’re Tired of a Chaotic Routine
  • You Know Bookkeeping
  • Working for Your Goals is a Must

Bookkeeping Simplified is Not for You If…

  • You’re Okay with Working Longer Hours
  • Taking Time Away from Management, Marketing, and Other Areas is Not an Issue
  • You Don’t Know Bookkeeping
  • Business Efficiency is Not Important
  • Daily Chaotic Routines are Normal
  • You Don’t Want to Work for Your Goals

Get a Simple Solution to Manage Your Bookkeeping!

Why Should You Trust Me?

I’ve been a bookkeeper for over ten years, and I use this method with my own business. I work with other businesses to simplify their bookkeeping process; therefore, making bookkeeping manageable. I did not learn this method from someone else. This is a method I’ve created since so many businesses want a simple approach to their bookkeeping process.

I do not consider myself a business coach. First and foremost, I am a bookkeeper. However, I am also a business owner who knows what it is like to struggle with the daily workload. (I’m the hard worker who wants her hard work to benefit others!)

I’ve helped many service-based businesses increase the accuracy of their bookkeeping. Accurate bookkeeping records help to achieve business growth. Up-to-date record keeping gives a business the ability to receive loans, budget, and monitor cash flow.

​I’m like any other hard-working woman. I’m a mother who wants her children to grow up not being afraid to work hard for what they want. I’m an advocate for my daughter with autism and my two daughters with scoliosis. Taking care of others is hard work and I know all too well what it is like being a working mom. I married my husband when I was 19 and have been a military wife since. Life gives us challenges we learn from. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Hi, My Name is Christa.

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I left my job and ended up working for myself. I’ve been dedicated to helping others achieve the dream of being their own boss.

Life isn’t always pretty flowers and sunshine. You gotta trudge through the mud sometimes.

But, never give up – motivation and ambition are what got me here!