Audiobooks for Children Encourage Learning

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Audiobooks for children allowed me to give my daughter the joys of reading when she was a child.  I’ve enjoyed reading ever since I can remember.  It opened up many new worlds for me.  I have always been an advocate for reading and books.  My daughter was born with autism and couldn’t speak until she was almost six years old.  I purchased audiobooks so that she could listen to books and stories.

Audiobooks for children encourage learnings.  Audiobooks can be used by individuals that struggle to read and need assistance in learning.

Audiobooks are not only well suited for autism, but they are a resourceful tool for individuals who struggle to read.  Individuals can read along with the words and pick up on words that they may not otherwise know.  Audiobooks for children allow the reading of books that may not be read.  Technology has individuals reading and listening to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, but people are not reading books.  They can be used while exercising, resting, or driving.

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Reading Facts:

93 million adults read at or below the basic level in the U.S.

65 percent of fourth graders read at or below basic level.

Children learn basic skills during the first three years of school.

Barnes and Noble sell thousands of audiobooks for children.  They offer free shipping with a minimum of a $25 purchase.  They are thoughtful gifts for any age.  Business, cookbooks, personal finance, poetry, study aids, travel, and many more subjects are on audiobooks.  Not everyone enjoys the act of reading; however, reading and comprehension contribute to confidence and communication.  Audiobooks for children assist in lifelong learning activities.

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