2018 Back to School Stress-Free Purchases

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As a busy mother, I hear the fall strolling in around the corner and back to school assignments calling.  We all know how expensive it can get when taking our children back to school shopping.  As I’ve discussed in previous posts like Name Brands on a Budget or Discounts and Cash Back, I consistently look for deals on items for the whole family.  Every year there are purchases that are more important than others to my family.  This year we primarily looked at the end of summer sales.

Back to School

Our Back to School & End of Summer Buys 2018

My daughter needed a new laptop computer this year, so she purchased a Dell laptop computer from Best Buy.  She bought it on sale through Best Buy’s online deals.  Best Buy also offers college student discount so for those of you in need for school be sure to view their savings.

e.l.f. cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics is still used in my household as I’ve stated in e.l.f. Affordable Cosmetics.  My girls purchase various makeup brands, but e.l.f. is a comfortable norm and an affordable purchase.  They have professional makeup starting at just $1.  One nice thing about e.l.f. is that you can purchase online, in convenience stores, and stores like Walmart and Target.  Since we don’t always shop at specialty stores, this is an easy buy.

My family frequents the Barnes & Noble nearby.  Books are one purchase that I will always buy my children.  Purchasing books for back to school are not always needed, but if it inspires reading than I won’t deny it.  As a child, I read frequently, and I felt like I was in other people’s lives while I read.  It encourages imagination and reading comprehension.  I know lots of people like to read online or on apps now, but I am one to enjoy a book in one hand and a hot cup of coffee in the other.

I start looking for next years calendar for my kitchen wall every year around this time because of doctors, dentist, and school schedules.  Calendars.com has some great deals online.  This last year I realized that everyone in my family needed one, so I buy a calendar for each personality in my family.  Calendars.com has something for everyone and, it helps my girls keep track of school assignment deadlines and events.

Other back to school quick buys can be found at Famous Footwear, Staples, Journeys, and The Children’s Place.

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